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Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series - Episode I

Vader Immortal: Episode I

Hover Junkers

Smashbox Arena

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Beat Saber

Bar Mitzvah Party

Job Simulator

Arizona Sunshine, virtual reality sex

Arizona Sunshine

Virtual reality games, Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer

VR Sport, Sports

VR Sports

Superhot VR

Superhot VR

VR Gaming packages

Choose duration of immersion and make sure to take your friends to compete in multiplayer games.

  • 10 mins
  • $ 10 .00

  • Try our best demo for 10 minutes
  • Feel what everybody are talking about
  • Free parking
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • 1 hour
  • $ 34 .99

  • Per player
  • 1 VR station
  • More than 40 games for all ages
  • Share a station +$5 (per player)
  • Free parking
  • Book now
  • 2 hours
  • $ 59 .99

  • Per player
  • 1 VR station
  • More than 40 games for all ages
  • Totally immersive experience
  • Free parking
  • Book now
  • 4 hours
  • $ 99 .99

  • Per Player
  • 1 VR station
  • More than 40 games for all ages
  • Unlimited gaming experience for a single player during a session
  • Free parking
  • Book now
  • Party package

  • Private VR arcade just for your party
  • 10 VR stations
  • BYOB
  • Starts at 1 hour
  • More than 40 games for all ages
  • Up to 50 people
  • Free parking
  • Learn more
  • Buy one station get a second FREE! Every Tuesday

  • *Valid up to 4 players
  • For students and military with a valid ID
  • 30% OFF

  • *Not valid for party

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual reality is an artificially created world in which you find yourself wearing a headset. There are no ordinary limitations in this reality. You can visit another part of the world, feeling as if you are there. You can experience those feelings that you have never experienced before. What you can see, feel and hear in the virtual world today is only the beginning of what will become possible tomorrow.

The virtual reality is very kids-friendly. Many VR games can be played from 5 years old. At our arcade we have games suitable for any age whether you are 5 years old or 75.

During you session you can play as many games as you like.

Most games are very exciting so you can stick just to one game enjoying it, or it may seem boring after 5 minutes and you will want to switch for another one.

Definitely yes! It's more interesting to play all together with your friends or with whole family. You can play as a team or compete against each other. We have multiplayer games that support up to 10 people.

At our facility we have 10 VR stations. In other words, 10 people can play at the same time.

At our arcade we use HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

Yes. We are ready to host large groups of up to 50 people for parties, teambuilding, field trips, presentations, etc.

Yes. Los Virtuality offer Virtual Reality Rental for any type of events. We do delivery, setup and provide friendly staff members. Please contact to our event planner for more details.

Los Virtuality is a great venue for Birthday Parties for kids and adults.

Virtual reality is an excellent experience for team building, which allows you to improve communication skills, problem solving and teamwork.

We offer VR rentalwhere you can rent virtual reality equipment for any type of event. We offer delivery, setup and friendly staff members.

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