Guide 2024: Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles

by Los Virtuality

It‘s never too early to start planning for a child‘s ultimate birthday celebration. Whether you‘re a parent or a party planner, this ultimate guide will give you the scoop on the very best birthday party venues in the Los Angeles area in 2023. From popular theme parks to largerthanlife experiences, find the perfect party place that will make your little one feel like a star on their special day. Read on to check out the top 10 birthday party venues in Los Angeles in 2024!

VR Party at Los Virtuality – Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Welcome to Los Virtuality, the best virtual reality gaming center in Los Angeles! We offer a variety of immersive VR experiences for kids of all ages, perfect for birthday parties and other special occasions.

Los Virtuality, the ultimate virtual reality gaming center is the perfect spot for a fun and unique kids’ birthday party!

Best Kids Birthday Party in Los Angeles

At our VR Party, your kids will get to experience virtual reality games, laser tag, vr escape rooms, and racing simulators. With over 40+ immersive games and activities to choose from, its a surefire way to ensure a fun and memorable birthday party.

Kids Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles | NorthridgeOne of Los Virtualitys most popular games is the VR Laser Tag. This intense shooter game is perfect for all kids and teens and is sure to get their blood pumping. There are a range of levels, weapons and virtual scenarios to choose from, each offering a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

For puzzle lovers, theres the VR Escape Room. This game allows them to step into a virtual world and explore their way to victory. Theyll need to solve puzzles, find objects, and use teamwork to complete the mission and escape the room. Its the perfect way to encourage their problemsolving skills and bond with friends in a fun and creative way.

Racing Car Simulator Los AngelesFor the more adventurous kids, there are racing simulators. They can choose from a range of cars and tracks, and race against each other in a thrilling virtual environment. There is also a range of cars and tracks to choose from, perfect for your little petrolheads!

The best part of Los Virtualitys birthday parties? You dont have to worry about the clean up afterwards! All you need to do is book a time and place, and theyll take care of the rest. So why not make your kids birthday extra special and book a party at Los Virtuality!

What’s more, knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. So come and celebrate your child’s next birthday with us at Los Virtuality – they’ll be talking about it for years to come! 

Contact us today to start planning the best birthday party of 2024!

Kids Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles | Northridge

Celebration at The zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is one of the best places to have a birthday party for kids. The zoo offers a variety of activities for kids of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. There are many animals to see and learn about, and the staff is always willing to help make your child’s birthday party a success. The LA zoo also has a great gift shop, where you can purchase gifts for your child and their guests.

Kids Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles | Northridge

The aquarium

A visit to the aquarium is a perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday. The kids can learn about all the different types of fish and sea creatures while enjoying a fun day out. The Los Angeles Zoo and Aquarium has a Kids’ Zone with plenty of interactive games and activities for young children. You can also find several other great aquariums in the area, such as the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Aquarium.


Kids Party at Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is one of the most popular kids birthday party places in Los Angeles. It’s a great place for a birthday party because it has a lot of games and activities for kids to do. There are also a lot of different options for food, so you can find something that everyone will like.


The park

There are many great birthday party places for kids in Los Angeles, but one of our favorites is the park. The park is a great place to have a birthday party because it’s free and there’s plenty of room to run around. Plus, you can bring your own food and drinks so you don’t have to spend money on renting a space or buying food. Just be sure to clean up after your party so everyone can enjoy the park!



Looking for the best birthday party places in Los Angeles for your little one? Check out our top picks for museums that host kids birthday parties!

1. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday! They offer several packages that include a private room rental, museum admission, and activities led by experienced staff.

2. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is another fantastic option for a museum birthday party in LA. Their team will help you customize your event to make it extra special.

3. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is a great choice if your child is interested in history or politics. They offer several different birthday party packages that include a guided tour of the museum as well as time in their private party room.

4. The California Science Center is perfect for science-loving kiddos! Their Birthday Bash package includes admission to all exhibit areas, a behind-the-scenes look at live animal demonstrations, and time in their private party room.

5. Last but not least, the Petersen Automotive Museum is ideal for budding car enthusiasts! Their birthday party package includes a guided tour of the museum followed by time in their private party room where you can enjoy cake and refreshments.


The movies

There are plenty of great places to take your kids in Los Angeles for their birthday, but if you’re looking for somewhere that’s specifically geared towards providing a fun and unique movie-watching experience, then you won’t be disappointed with any of these spots.

The New Beverly Cinema is a historic theater that screens classic and cult films on 35mm film. They offer special Kids Matinees where tickets are only $6, making it a great option for budget-conscious parents. The theater also has an arcade and vintage candy shop, so there’s plenty to keep the little ones entertained before and after the show.

The Cinefamily is another great option for kids who love movies. This theater specializes in independent, foreign, and classic films, and they offer family-friendly programming on weekends. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for kids under 12, making it a bit more expensive than the New Beverly Cinema but still reasonably priced compared to other theaters in the area.

Finally, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an unlikely but surprisingly popular spot for kids’ birthday parties. They host a number of family-friendly events throughout the year, including outdoor movie screenings on their massive lawn. Tickets are $18 for adults and $10 for kids under 12, but you can save money by buying a group package or becoming a member of the cemetery (which starts at just $50 per year).

Laser tag

laser tag in vr

Laser tag is a fun, active game that is perfect for birthday parties. Kids can run around and burn off energy while they play. There are many different laser tag places in Los Angeles, so you can find one that is close to your party location. Some laser tag facilities even offer food and drink options, so you can make it a complete party experience.

As technology continues to advance, parents are looking for unique, exciting, and safe ways to celebrate their childrens birthdays. This is why Los Virtuality the only Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming Center offering VR Laser Tag is becoming a popular destination for kids birthday parties.

At Los Virtuality, kids can go on an unforgettable adventure and battle it out with friends in the ultimate game of laser tag. Equipped with a premium VR setup, kids can access a whole new world of gaming. With games of all kinds, from shooting, racing, and adventure, kids can experience the impossible with cuttingedge technology.

In addition to the actionpacked laser tag games, Los Virtuality also offers a variety of other activities such as a 3D printing experience, virtual reality painting, and robot challenges. Kids can even take part in a fullbody virtual dance party! With the new creation station, kids can proudly show off their accomplishments and snap a selfie with their favorite character.

Making birthday parties even more exciting, Los Virtuality offers fully customizable packages. Kids can choose from a variety of themes, featuring professional costumed characters, interactive activities, and even a live DJ. Finger food, decorations, and a birthday cake can also be included in the packages. Whether its a special occasion or just a fun day out with friends, Los Virtuality offers an unbelievably immersive experience for kids. Through the use of advanced stateoftheart technology, Los Virtuality gives kids the opportunity to explore a world of interactive fun.

So, if you are looking for an exciting, unique, and safe way to celebrate your childs birthday, Los Virtuality has got you covered!

Contact our event planner to start planning the best birthday party of 2023!

roller skating

Roller skating rink

When it comes to birthday party places for kids in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of options. However, if you are looking for a unique and affordable option, then a roller skating rink may be a perfect choice. Here are some of the best roller skating rinks in Los Angeles:

1. Skateland – This classic skating rink has been around since 1956 and is a great option for a kid’s birthday party. They offer several party packages that include skate rentals, food, and goodie bags.

2. The Roller Dome – This newer skating rink opened in 2013 and has become a popular spot for birthday parties. They offer several different party packages that can be customized to your needs.

3. Hollywood Rollerdrome – This historic skating rink has been open since 1935 and is still a popular destination for birthday parties. They offer several party packages that can be customized to your budget and needs.

go kart


Go-karts are always a popular choice for kids birthday party places in Los Angeles. There are many great go-kart tracks in the area that will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Be sure to call ahead and reserve a spot for your party so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line.


We hope that this article has given you an insight into some of the best kids birthday party places in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for something indoors or out, there’s something to suit everyone and their budget. All these venues offer a variety of activities and packages so make sure you choose one which caters specifically to your child’s needs and interests. With the right planning, your kid’s party will surely be unforgettable!

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